Revolutionizing Root Production

Great Starts Begin With Pioneer Pot

Quercus Lobata at 6 months

Acorn planted  January 2015. In six months a  3 foot tall Quercus lobata seedling is ready to move from a 4 inch by 8 inch Pioneer seedling pot to a 5 gallon Pioneer Pot.   One is sacrificed to demonstrate root growth.

Closeup Quercus lobata

4 inch Quercus lLobata in Pioneer Pot at 6 months. The Q lobata has fully rooted into the container. The overpot maintians moisture unlike many air pruning systems. As roots penetrate the container sidewall and air prune the mosit environment eliminates drying in.   This process develops and protects excellent root structure

Root Formation

Observing the Quercus lobata root structure after 6 months it is obvious Pioneer Pot™ promotes a fibrous, evenly distributed root system. The raised bottom promotes lateral root development on taproot species, providing excellent drainage to prevent soggy roots. Root defects such as kinked, circling, and stem girdling roots are eliminated with Pioneer Pot.   Pioneer™ Pot minimizes the use of plastic, maximizes air pruning and results in the production of abundant smaller structural and absorbing roots that radiate from the trunk.  Get your trees off to the right start with Pioneer Pot™ and see what quality root development can do for your trees.

Quercus lobata Potted Up

These 4 inch seedlings have now moved to their new home: the 5 gal Pioneer Pot growing system.  These potted up seedlings are now ready to grow into their next phase and will demostrate how healthy roots will produce a superior tree in less time. These future oaks will be in demand.

Visible Root Growth

Pioneer Pot Makes The Difference

The Pioneer Pot deep mesh growing pot allows room  for strong taproot development. Absorbing roots grow unimpeded from the tap root out through the mesh where they are air pruned to prevent circling and girdling. Drainage is spectacular and eliminates soggy root zones.  Good root structure adds value to your end product.

Specialty Trays: Part of the System

The Pioneer Pot trays are designed to provide stability for each pot, surrounding the root zone in darkness with plenty of room between each pot for oxygen and  root development.  Even the larger sized pots come with a specially designed “overpot” to provide the same conditions

More Success and Pioneer Pot

Crape Myrtle in Pioneer Pot Potting System

Potting trays with Pioneer Pot inserts

Crape Myrtle Roots

Absorbing roots grow through the mesh and are air pruned

Young Cedrus deodora

Recently seeded crop of Cedrus Deodora

Cedrus deodora

Deodora Cedar in production.